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After the purchase, the renovation of your property is an extremely important decision. A successful renovation usually depends on the harmonious combination of two fundamental points: the agricultural landscape the real estate is part of and the buyer’s personal needs. can guarantee you excellent standards as it has vast experience in renovating and upgrading real estates. It avails of the craftsmanship of local artisans renowned for their passion and exacting professionalism. proposes to its clients, who often do not reside in Piedmont and cannot follow every single step of the renovation process in person his service. With their help we are able to offer you the best service- from the purchase of the real estate right to the completion of renovation.

The following is a list of the steps our service includes:
  • we meet the client in order to understand his/her needs and provide him/her with a renovation plan (three dimensional) which we can evaluate together
  • we view the property with the client and estimate what work should be carried out
  • we assist the client with the choice of materials which will be used during renovation
  • we make an estimate of the total renovation costs
  • we coordinate architectural, building and plumbing work
  • we keep the client updated on how the work is progressing by providing him/her with photographs
  • we coordinate payments between client and suppliers
  • we look after the transfer of contracts (telephone, gas….)
  • we help with the choice of furniture and decoration inside of the house
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